Below is a working list of our vendors for the 2020 season.  Although they are listed below they may not be attending every weekend, if your coming for something specific please contact the vendor directly to ensure they will be at the market the day you are planning to attend.


Ashton Beef- On our 7th generation family farm just outside the village of Ashton, we are pleased to offer local beef raised with care and compassion.  Offering a wide variety of cuts every week as well as custom orders for quarters, halves and whole freezer orders.


Foster Family Farms Fresh Ontario Vegetables From Our Family to Yours… Foster Family Farm produces high quality vegetables for local consumption in both the retail and wholesale markets. Our company grows and sells a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from June to October. You can find our fresh and delicious Ontario produce at our farm and local market stands.-


Frank’s Baked Goods

Pies, Cookies, Tarts, and prepared meals.  Owner Frank Spartico started out washing dishes in a kitchen when he was 14 years old. He has been in the food industry for more than 20 years.  He has always had a hunger for food knowledge and over the years has owned a gourmet sub shop, a deli, a bakery, and a restaurant. Frank’s love of cooking and passion for food inspired him to start Frank’s Catering & Baked Goods. He established the company in 1998.  Frank takes pride in creating most of his food from scratch and uses the freshest ingredients possible. He enjoys being creative so his menu is always expanding.  This small and family owned business caters to anyone who loves and respects good food.-


Shady Creek Lamb Co. is a family-Farm run by Chris Moore and Lyndsey Smith. Located within the Ottawa city limits near Kinburn, Shady Creek Lamb Co. prides itself on producing tender, delicious lamb for the Ottawa Valley.

Unlike many other sheep farms in Ontario, our ewes spend most of their lives outside.
In the spring, summer and fall they graze on pasture, in the trees, and along rocky outcrops of The Canadian Shield. Raising our sheep on pasture means ewes are free to move as a flock, chewing on grass, clovers, shrubs, and young trees (they love willow trees!), accompanied by at least one of our three livestock guardian dogs. In the winter, our ewes are kept safe and sheltered in our multi-paddock barnyard, where they’re fed free-choice hay, corn silage, and mineral, and bedded deep with
straw to stay warm in their wooly coats.


The Midnight Baker

The Midnight Baker is a family operation specializing in pastry and baked goods – focaccia, flatbread, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cupcakes, special occasion cakes, and so much more!  All of our baked goods are made from scratch and we try to use locally sourced ingredients when we can!

At The Midnight Baker we want to bring back a taste of home. We live in a busy world where everything has to be done as quickly as possible. Good food takes time. We take the time to make the best products so you can spend time doing what’s important to you. Nothing brings people together like fresh baked goods!

Find us on social media:


Haven’s Harvest 

We are urban farmers in the suburb of Barrhaven in Ottawa, Ontario who grows microgreens indoors all year around and baby veggies in our garden during the warmer months. Our goal is to provide great tasting and nutritious vegetables to families around our neighbourhood through subscriptions, local restaurants and farmers markets. We will also be selling homemade specialty foods such as kimchi and other pickled items at the farmers market.


City View Pork

We are a small family operation that is very proud to now offer you high quality pork products from our pigs that we raise with love right here on our farm.

Our pork will be offered exclusively at The Log Farm Farmers Market from May through October.  We hope that we can help families enjoy local raised high quality happy pork.


B.R. Lyndsay – Imagist  Brian R Lindsay is a Canadian author. Old Bones and Flight Plan are Murder Mysteries with recipes, set in Westport, Ontario. They are the first two of the Gilmore House Mysteries. Book 3, Back Story, will be available soon. Visit my website at to see where the books are sold, to learn more about the books.


Shepherd’s Spring Farm 

We live on a small farm near North Gower with our Extended family.  The Family has been here since the 1970’s and we are on the 4th generation now.  We bake bread, old fashioned mini cakes, cookies, sweet tarts and savoury meat pies. We raise lamb, chicken and turkey.  At the market we will have sausage (turkey) and more. We will also have rhubarb and vegetables in season.


Another Chapter Publishing 

Located in Kanata, Ontario, Another Chapter Publishing is a boutique Canadian children’s book publisher, producing children’s picture books and juvenile non-fiction books with quality stories and beautiful artwork, available in either English or French. Children who are read to, and have reading materials available, are much more likely to enjoy stories and become readers themselves. At Another Chapter Publishing we want to help you encourage in your child a lifetime of reading, and provide you with high-quality charming stories everyone will enjoy.


Specialty Pet Treats By Joan 

All of Joan’s Specialty Pet Treats are baked. Meats are cooked, usually on the BBQ to intensify flavour. All treats are homemade! Treats can also be made to order.


Amina Dinardo

An authentic Italian cook from Italy, offering a variety of homemade authentic Italian preserves like Salsa, Antipasto and Pickles. You can find Amina’s products in our store (log building) at the farmers market. 


MASA Farms-  Is a small family business located in Barrhaven.  The owners Marisa and Tony Lepore are proud to produce, with the help of their bees, 100% pure natural wildflower honey.  Beekeeping has been a tradition in the Lepore family over 5 generations.  From time to time we also have fresh produce from our home garden. We can be reached at 613-692-3964


Shevaun Alexandra Corey

Makes fun and functional zippered pouches using modern and unique fabrics. They come in a variety of sizes and styles for just about everyone and everything – makeup, art and school supplies, notions, project bags, lunches and snacks, electronics, books and e-readers, toys, essential oils, EpiPens and medications, you name it! Great as a gift to yourself (cause who doesn’t need a treat once in awhile) or for friends, family, teachers, coworkers, and kids. She also makes fabric flower pins with fun fabrics and vintage buttons. They make a great accessory to go with the pouches or are great as a unique item on their own.




TaMaLitOs Artisan and Authentic Mexican Flavour

TaMaLitOs are a favourite comfort food and traditional Mexican dish made of corn-based dough and wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves before being steamed (wrapping should be discarded before eating).

Our TaMaLitOs are totally made from scratch, which means no preservatives, colorants or chemicals added.

Our TaMaLitOs are filled with quality ingredients (sourced locally when possible) like meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables. Gluten free and vegan options are available. Our TaMaLitOs are never frozen, freshly steamed from our pots to your table!

Tamalitos have been participating in Farmer’s Markets during the last 5 years and will be offering warm ready to eat or packed to-go Tamalitos, homemade canned salsas, Mexican Chorizo, deep fried corn-tortilla tacos ready to bake, all home-made and freshly prepared.


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