July 21 Featured Vendors

This week we are featuring Havens Harvest and The Great British Pasty & Pie Co.
We want you to get to know our vendors better, so each week we will be spotlighting two vendors.

🌱 Haven Harvest believes having access to fresh local produce shouldn’t be a complicated matter. Grown in Barrhaven from our indoor nursery, our microgreens are harvested fresh so they taste great while providing excellent nutritional value to your daily meals. Toss them into salads or garnish some on your favourite sandwich, microgreens are the simplest way towards a healthier diet! We also create traditional kimchi in-house: full of flavour and filled with natural-occurring probiotics from the fermentation process. Add them to burgers and sausages for your summer BBQs, enhance your fried rice and stirfry dishes, or eat them on its own! We also have different baby salad greens and other small-sized veggies throughout the market season, all grown right in your neighbourhood! Come by to the farmers market and learn about the different variety of microgreens and kimchi, sample them and bring some of your favourites home!

The Great British Pasty & Pie Co. is a small company focused on producing handcrafted traditional British pasties using fresh local ingredients. Our pasties are handcrafted in small batches with fresh local ingredients and fine fresh herbs and seasonings and without any artificial flavours or preservatives. By small batches, we mean that we bake 24 pasties at a time. Using small batch recipes and techniques every pasty is cared for from start to customer. Our Pasties are sold frozen for customer convenience allowing customers to enjoy good value wholesome meals with minimal preparation. Ask about our daily specials when you see us at the market.

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