May 26th Market

This is our third market day of the season and our vendors are getting settled in and have a wide selection of items for you.  Don’t let a shower or two discourage you, come out and enjoy the atmosphere and tranquil surrounding at the market.  This week Bradley McRae will be providing entertainment.

Along with all the regular products for sales here a few special offerings that you may want to check out.

Prospect Market
Introducing Pepper Venom!!! Our super limited edition hot sauce, only 70 bottles total available. This is a fiery one, loaded with ghosts, reapers, scotch bonnets, jalapenos and chili peppers as well as some special spices.
We will have a sample out to give it a try this Saturday only at The Log Farm Farmers Market!

Harwood Estate Vineyards will be featuring their Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. Powerful and structured with juicy, ripe fruit, this is the ideal companion for summer bbq fare such as smoked ribs, steak and burgers. Stop by for a taste of this superb Ontario Cabernet and grab a bottle for dinner!

Devyn’s Desserts
1) Savoury Croissant- Stuffed with Pesto, Tomato, and Havarti cheese
2) Danish- Maple Bacon, with candied bacon with a maple cream and maple ganache made with maple syrup from The Log Farm


Haven Harvest will have a few special (in limited quantity only)
1. Green Papaya & Red Cabbage PakDong: Pakdong is a traditional fermented vegetable in the Thai culture. It’s the perfect sweet, salty savory taste one will love. Packed with probiotics, vitamins and colors.
2. Baek Kimchi: “Baek” means white in Korean. This Kimchi is fermented without the use of chili pepper flakes. It’s the non-spicy version of the more famous spicy Kimchi. I’m sure one will be delighted with its delicate taste.
3. We will also be offering our first crop of French breakfast radish and baby salad mix freshly harvested from our backyard garden. Perfect pairing for a hearty meal.


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